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Hello, Cricut Mug Press.

Create pro-looking mugs in the comfort of your own home. Whether it's for yourself or an unforgettable gift, you only need a few minutes to make a mug masterpiece.

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Mugs for everyone – and everything.

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You've never done heat

transfer like this before.

The innovative Infusible Ink system delivers seamlessly smooth, pro-quality transfers that become one with the mug – and last a lifetime.



It's 1-2-3 easy.


Create your design with Infusible Ink materials.


Attach it to your compatible mug blank.


Insert the mug & let the press do the rest!



Cut a unique creation.

From star signs to monograms, it’s easy to cut any design using Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets.



Draw, doodle, drink.

Use a Cricut cutting machine to create a perfect line drawing, or recreate your children’s artwork freehand with Infusible Ink Markers.



Life-proof transfers.

Go ahead – pop your finished mugs in the dishwasher or microwave as needed. Your designs will stand the test of time.



Press with peace of mind.

  • 1. Patent-pending heat plate. Zone heating creates excellent, consistent results that will last a lifetime using Infusible Ink materials.


  • 2. Easy, one-touch settings. One button starts the transfer, LEDs track progress & a beep lets you know when it’s done.


  • 3. Safety-conscious design. The press automatically turns off after 13 minutes of inactivity and an insulated case protects your work surface.



Unlike the iron-on or HTV process, where artwork is attached to the mug using adhesive, an Infusible Ink transfer becomes one with the mug itself. The results are bright, beautiful, seamlessly smooth transfers that are peel-proof and dishwasher friendly.


Some other differences include:


  • 1. Iron-on or HTV materials can be applied to almost any surface with the exception of hard surfaces, like ceramic


  • 2. Infusible Ink products must be applied to a compatible Infusible Ink blank


  • 3. Infusible Ink products work with compatible* mugs


*Look for Cricut mug blanks with the Infusible Ink compatibility badge or sublimation-compatible mugs.

To ensure best results for every project, Cricut Mug Press has been designed to work with the Infusible Ink system and Cricut mug blanks bearing the Infusible Ink compatibility badge. Infusible Ink transfers result in vibrant, seamless mug designs that are dishwasher friendly and microwave safe. We recommend using Cricut blanks when you can. We cannot guarantee results with generic blanks.

No. Cricut Mug Press is designed for transfers on the outer cylindrical surface of your mug, up to 0.5″ (12.7 mm) from the handle.

Birthdays, holidays, team wins, wedding parties, your online shop… everything! With the ability to create pro-lookingdishwasher-friendly mugs in minutes, you’ll always have a reason to bust out a custom mug.

Yes. Even Cricut Joy is sized perfectly to cut and draw mug designs. It also works with Cricut Maker and Cricut Explore cutting machines. Just cut or draw your designs using Infusible Ink materials and use Cricut Mug Press to make the transfer.

Cricut Mug Press purchased in the United States or Canada requires a maximum input of 120V. These are not recommended for use outside of North America.

Let's make mugs.

*Not all mugs and drinkware shown above are compatible with Cricut Mug Press.